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Eating Disorders

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Effective treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia requires a multidisciplinary team approach. Our inpatient and partial hospitalization psychiatrists are specialists in eating disorder treatment. We oversee a collaborative team including therapists, social workers, and dietitians who will work with you on all aspects of the disorder.

Treated Conditions

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Eating Disorder NOS


We offer multiple types of safe and supportive care for eating disorders, including inpatient and outpatient services.

Bay Psychiatric Associates staffs one of the only inpatient units with specialized eating disorder programming in California. These adult and adolescent programs are intended for men and women struggling with severe symptoms such as extreme loss of body weight, food refusal, and certain medical complications. Our inpatient team consists of psychiatrists, nurses, therapists and registered dieticians, all with specialized knowledge of this area.

For patients who wish to stay at home during treatment, we also have a Partial Hospitalization Program specifically for eating disorders. In this day treatment program, we use evidence based, effective CBT and DBT informed psychotherapy interventions as well as structured meal plans and nutritional assistance from the registered dieticians. Psychiatrists trained in eating disorder management meet with patients regularly for medication management and psychotherapy.

We also offer a free monthly family support group for patients and families coping with this diagnosis.

Yes, with appropriate treatment there is absolutely hope for recovery from an eating disorder! Our team has worked with many individuals who have struggled with the challenges of anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders for many years and have achieved successful recovery. However, recovery also takes work and commitment from the patient, their family and supports, and a dedicated multidisciplinary team. We are here to help you take the steps towards a better life!
Our inpatient program is located on the adult and adolescent units of our locked psychiatric hospital. 24/7 nursing and psychiatrist care is available, and medical conditions can be closely monitored. All meals and snacks are closely monitored, as are all labs and vital signs.

In the Partial Hospitalization (PHP) or Day Treatment program, patients participate in group based therapy for a full day and return home at the end of the day. Breakfast, lunch, and day time snacks are eaten in monitored groups, but patients are responsible for managing their own dinner and evening snack at home. This level of care provides a very high level of support and therapy and is a full time commitment, but does allow the patient to be independent in their housing and work on meal planning independently. BPA does not currently run an unlocked residential treatment program.

Yes. Too often, people with eating disorders are offered treatment that addresses only those symptoms and not the whole person. Our psychiatrists understand that more often than not, people with eating disorders are also struggling with one or more other diagnoses. Because our physicians are highly skilled and trained in identification and management of the full spectrum of psychiatric illness, we are able to work with you to devise a treatment plan that will address you as an individual. Even more importantly, we know that each person is more than a label or a diagnosis: whatever you are struggling with right now, we are qualified to assist you, and grateful to be able to partner with you in your treatment.